Manchester City Council Publish "Final" Designs

"Final" Phase 2 designs not yet approved by TfGM?

In yet another completely random place on the Manchester City Council Website, (Not linked to any of the existing scheme documentation) you can now download "Final" Phase 2 designs

These designs are "Final" but subject to change as they have not yet been approved by TfGM

The Additional Roadblocks are going ahead on Linden Park and Milwain Road, despite One Levenshulme evidence provided to MCC demonstrating that residents of these streets are opposed to the roadblocks by a ratio of over 2:1.

There is some respite however, with the Monstrous "Cyclops" proposals now being dropped in favour of simple pedestrian crossings. (Hallelujah!)

We've uploaded these Final 'Final' plans so that you can view them: