The Overall Scheme

Manchester City Council are collecting your views. Move the slider to the right if you feel positively about the scheme, or to the left if you feel the overall scheme will have a negative impact on the area.

Phase 2 - Burnage

Burnage was removed from Phase 1 of these plans and instead Burnage will now become part of the trial in Spring 2021. The deadline for your feedback on the what interventions are needed in Burnage in Phase 2 is currently set as 25th January. Have your Say!

The Current Road Blocks

14 'Modal Filters,' are being installed in Levenshulme on 4th January 2021. Whilst they are in place, (and now,) you have the opportunity to comment on your thoughts about these filters. The opportunity to do this will remain in place throughout the trial, and so it is expected this avenue for feedback should be accesible until Summer 2021.

One Levenshulme - The Original Site

The original One Levenshulme site with lots of information detailing how the whole process followed by Manchester City Council has been flawed at every stage. Definately worth reading.

Levenshulme Wasp Network

This is where the investigations began. Tired of misinformation, we started collecting our own research, our notes were published on this site for all to see

Levenshulme Bee Network

This used to be the official Project Site, but members of the Levenshulme Bee Network were removed from the project and they refused to hand over control to Manchester City Council. The site remains live at the moment. The Public Statement on the site contains much disinformation and demonstrates the manipulative nature of of the Project Team - definately worth visiting, even if just to read this.