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Just some peeps who deserve credit

This site is built using software from many contributors, whose credits remain in the source code. The creative media was supplied by the following people who have made it freely available for use. Thankyou so much to all contributors. If I have omitted your credit, please contact me for attribution.

Name Description Link
TEMPLATED.CO Suppliers of the Base Theme used for this site. Templated.co
Unsplash Shane Perry. Shane Perry
Unsplash jules a. jules a.
Unsplash Sebastian Hietsch Map Picture
Unsplash Markus Winkler Update Typewriter
Pixabay Mohamed Hassan Mohamed Hassan
Pixabay Tumisu Tumisu
Pixabay Peggy Marco Peggy Marco
Pixabay timajo Manchester Town Hall
Pixabay Gerd Altmann School Image (who what why etc.)
Pixabay Clker-Free-Vector-Images Ambulance Image
Pixabay shilin wang Traffic Jam Image
Unsplash Scott Graham Writing Image
Ordnance Survey Contains OS data © Crown copyright and database right 2020 Ordnance Survey
Unsplash Mercedes Mehling Pride Image
and credit to all those who I know for being so inspiring!