One Levenshulme Respond to Manchester City Council Press Release

MCC Claim Broad Support For Scheme

The press release has been exported into images and can be downloaded via the following links:

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The Response from One Levenshulme Followers:

There was and still is no "Broad Support" for Phase 1 of the Levenshulme and Burnage Active Neighbourhood.

As Manchester city council stated themselves at the end of the six month trial period: "The overall results would indicate that the scheme is a very polarizing one, with most people either being strongly in favour and positive, or very much negative towards the filters."

The reality is that the scheme was ill thought out, ill designed and based on fundamentally flawed data. In addition the scheme was poorly managed and involved wasting hundreds of thousands of pounds of tax payers money.

The residents of Levenshulme had to fight hard with the council to be heard, and ultimately, were listened to, when the roadblocks were reduced from 25 to 14 in Phase 1, and the only additional roadblocks proposed in phase 2 were Milwain and Linden Park

As was expected, Manchester city council had not consulted the residents of these 2 additional streets so One Levenshulme provided assistance to all Millwain and Linden Park residents, whether in favour or against the proposals, to ensure their views were heard by the council. We are relieved to see that the decision to place these roadblocks is now being reviewed, and we hope that common sense prevails

One Levenshulme does not support Phase 2 of the scheme, but generally doesn't perceive there to be any benefit to objecting. We all want improvements to the area and apart from the ludicrous idea of the 2 additional roadblocks, I and most of our Levenshulme residents hope that the effect of the phase 2 scheme measures will be positive on the area, even if we all know in our hearts that the plan could be so much better