Update from Manchester City Council

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The officers at Manchester City Council really do need to learn lessons on how to communicate with the community, it's clear they really struggle with the concept.

We heard through the grapevine that an official announcement on the project was due on the 26th November, so we've been keeping our eyes peeled

It appears Manchester City Council have simply updated their webpage, with alternative information, perhaps rather than making a noticeable announcement.

Here is a copy of the text in their latest updated, and we all look forward to participating in this final consultation process.

Final designs have been approved for the Levenshulme and Burnage Active Travel Neighbourhood plan

Final designs for the Levenshulme and Burnage Active Travel Neighbourhood plan have been approved, signalling the next phase of this flagship programme.

For more than three years, thousands of residents have taken part and made their voices heard on this ambitious initiative, aimed at changing the way we view and interact with the neighbourhoods we live in.

Resident feedback has been a key part of the development of the plans being taken forward. This has included learning how people move around their neighbourhood and risks they encounter each day.

For example, cars speeding at more than 60mph were recorded in the area – a clear example of behaviours Active Travel Neighbourhoods are trying to mitigate.

As a result of public feedback during the trial two of the permanent filters in Henderson Street and Manor Road East will be moved slightly. In addition, revised plans have been brought forward for the Burnage section of the scheme, as part of the overall plan.

Public feedback was incorporated into the final designs and support has been secured for a larger scheme than was originally planned.

A consultation is being arranged for the near future so that the public can feed back on the final plan. As part of the next stage of the consultation process updated designs for the entire project will be made public.