MCC did not consult with Fire Brigade

A Response to an FOI request shows MCC did not consult with GMFRS prior to trial

A One Levenshulme & Co Supporter has submitted an FOI request to GMCA asking for details about the consultation with the Fire Brigade.

The response confirmed that GMFRS were unaware of the roadblocks when they were installed, and that there was no consultation with Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, despite this being a legal requirement when applying for an ETRO.

GMCA claimed that an email was sent to an unmonitored GMFRS mailbox which was the cause of the error, and this error was discovered in February 2021, at the time the FOI request was made.

One Levenshulme & Co Supporters, approached the local fire stations in June 2020, after being told by MCC and the project team that consultation had occurred with all emergency services. We found out back in July 2020, that GMFRS had not been informed and raised this at the time with the Project Team. One Levenshulme & Co have video footage of a public meeting where the MCC highways officer in charge of the scheme, stated that the issue with emails had been resolved and that a more robust process was now in place.

One Levenshulme & Co continue to be dismayed, and the residents of Levenshulme continue to be let down by the poor management of this project, and an also an apparent disregard by MCC for public safety.

We have raised formal complaints and will publish MCC's response upon receipt.