Our Mission Statement

Our Mission:

An alliance of diverse residents committed to empowering the community to achieve an equitable and inclusive lower traffic neighbourhood; where communities most vulnerable to the impacts of traffic are placed at the centre of the development and implementation of LTN plans and policies.

Our Values

Environmental justice

We recognise that air pollution is unequally distributed by race and class and that we all have a right to clean air. We want to improve the environment especially for residents who work, live, and play closest to sources of pollution.


Building relationships with the community is key and we must be open and transparent to enable engagement and participation.

Evidence led

We believe that the development and implementation of any plans and policies in relation to LTNs should have a robust and peer-reviewed evidence base which analyses a variety of data to assess all potential outcomes for the whole community. We demand that communities most at risk should be prioritised in relation to evidence collection.

Meaningful involvement

We champion participatory mechanisms that facilitate community involvement and work to remove barriers that prevent individuals in the community being part of the decision-making process.